Do You Work More Than 40 Hours Per Week? 

Get a FREE CONSULTATION and make sure you are being paid right.  Many employees may not be aware that they have the right to overtime pay.  Keep in mind you can file a claim for unpaid overtime in New York for any job you had in the past 6 years.


There is no room for sexual harassment in the workplace.

Rely on our attorneys and entire staff to fight for you when you are a victim of sexual harassment.  New York has some of the toughest sexual harassment laws in the country, and our lawyers are ready to use these laws to get you justice.


You Deserve Every Penny

A workplace injury can be devastating.  Workers and their families need and deserve compensation.  Sometimes, that compensation might be the only way for the family to survive.  When you get hurt at work you need lawyers on your side and our lawyers are ready to go to bat for you!


IT IS 2020

Whether you have been wrongfully terminated, unfairly treated, or the victim of a hostile work environment, our attorneys will hear you out and fight to stop discrimination in the workplace.  We believe that it is 2020, and there is no room for discrimination in the wokrplace. 

Fighting the Good Fight

to Get New York Workers

Paid Right!

We are a New York City law firm that represents workers in unpaid overtime, sexual harrasment, workplace injury, and a variety of other employment law matters.  Our lead attorney, Mohammed - Moe - Gangat, Esq. is a graduate of Georgetown Law School.  After working as an associate at one the biggest law firms in the world, Moe began @lawyerforworkers, where he has taken his experience and credentials to represent New York City workers.  

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Meet the Team

The firm maintains an office in midtown manhattan, regularly staffed by Moe and the firm's attorneys and paralegals.  The firm also works with attorneys throughout the country, and regularly co-counsels with these attorneys to represent employees in unpaid overtime, sexual harassment, workplace injury, and other employment law matters.

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The Firm's Success Stories

"Moe and his team recovered more than $250,000 for me and the other waitresses."

Luz T.

"I didn't even know I was owed money.  Then I saw Moe's video about working more than 40 hours and getting paid by the day.  Boom.  I called and he got me paid.

Juan G.

"He really cares.  My case wasn't big and it wasn't easy but he got it done."

Sherry S.

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